Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Proud owner of a Gypsy!!!

Yay, my gypsy turned up this morning!!!! I couldn't stop smiling all the way to the post office to collect it,lol, it seemed to take forever(only 2 1/2 weeks), I was so glad that it was charged when i got it out the box coz i still need a power adapter to suit an Australian power point,(my sister in-law is going to pick one up for me today while out shopping as it is 45km to the nearest dicksmith power house, isn't she a life saver!!)

Well anyway i managed to update it and load all my cartridges onto it,now just got to get the creativity flowing, which it aint at the moment,boo!! Maybe later(hopefully,lol) after i get back from my daughters school for a kitchen garden class,I'm a volunteer and help the kids out and do the dangerous things like opening the ovens(fan forced ovens!! i don't no how many times i forget to stand back when opening the door, that steams far to hot for the kids). Well I better get a wriggle on its almost that time now, so hope your having a good day, c u later alligator :)

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  1. Hi Rachael ! Thanks for stopping by my blog and CONGRATS on your new Gypsy ! You are going to love it! I've only had mine for a few weeks and it's totally elevated my creativity ! OH THE POSSIBILITIES !
    I hope the Etsy goes Ok too :) Have you tried checking out the Australia based online sites for crafters ? I heard there are some good ones and maybe you would have more luck selling with them more locally - just a thought :) Good Luck :)